Illustration of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon.

Welcome to Cannon Beach!

Tens of thousands of people visit Cannon Beach each year for the natural beauty of the beach, Haystack Rock and its Marine Garden. The Marine Garden is a protected intertidal ecosystem that allows visitors to see and interact with sea creatures. However, there are rules to follow in order to protect these creatures.

Most visitors come in summer when the tide pools are teeming and the nesting birds, proudly showing off breeding plumage, are busy hatching and raising chicks.

Welcome! Enjoy the beach, the tide pools, the birds, and the beauty of Haystack Rock.


the Haystack Rock Webcam

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Your financial donation to Friends of Haystack Rock supports vital work to ensure the future of marine life at Haystack Rock.  
This includes supporting Haystack Rock Awareness beach interpreters, bird and tide pool research efforts, and advocacy for the environment.  

Illustration of a tufted puffin.


Individual Puffins at Haystack Rock
Illustration of a tufted puffin


Bird species nesting on Haystack Rock
Illustration of a sea star


Age of some green anemone
Illustration of Haystack Rock, Oregon


Cougar sighting in 2023